Nick Walters. B. A. (Hons.)


Holme Oak Dartington
Holme Oak.Quercus ilex
12" x 16½"
Dartington Gardens
May 2022


I begun studying Fine Art in the Nineties. But then got distracted..

I escaped from London and moved to Devon around 20 years ago. My family on my late fathers side are from Devon. I feel a deep sense of connection to this area and the stories, myths and lives entwined within it.

The trees have always talked to me, but I am only recently learning how to listen..

"... treading lightly, taking only what gifts we need, and giving back. Of showing humility toward and tolerance for all we are connected to in this circle of life. But what my years in the forestry profession have also shown me is that too many decision-makers dismiss this way of viewing nature and rely only on select parts of science. The impact has become too devastating to ignore."
Suzanne Simard, Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest